Nuweiba Excursion 2016

Nuweiba Excursion 2016 was part of The ‘Design Projects’ module 2016/2017. Students spent a week in Nuweiba, South Sinai, where they worked with the local community on  two scales, the architecture scale and; urban planning. For architecture scale, the idea was to build a small structure connected to the school of Basata Eco-lodge, the structure meant to be an area that students could use for small activities or maybe extended later on to be a class room for the students. The idea developed through exploring the available and local materials that was existing around the site, and provided by the client, the main challenge was to work on such remote area that lacks many resource. The master’s students of IUSD was capable to manage the limited resource and build with mud brick, Stone and wood. The workshop was a learning process that entailed a proactive dialogue between local techniques, materials, experts and participants that enriched the product and the knowledge of participants as well.

For urban scale, following the theme of ‘Negotiating the future’ that started in 2014, where the students explored the different development urban patterns, investigated the local life aspects, and eventually documented their experience in a catalogue that Reflected on the urban future of Nuweiba. This year brings the third edition of ‘Negotiating the future’ series that labels “ Navigating a Changing Culture in Nuweiba”. It is a reflection from an external viewpoint on some noteworthy urban dynamics in Nuweiba. Although targeted mainly to other outsiders, it ultimately also serves the intention of inspiring the local community actors to continue and intensify on practices, initiatives and interventions that contribute to a healthy community and sustainable lifestyle. In this edition, the template of the series publication shall remain through unifying the series’ rhythm and visuals; in order to ensure the connectivity with audience. Moreover, such a visually oriented publication shall provoke the audience with unexpected imaginations and questions; to grab their attention for an existing cause or a coming threat.

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