Funding Opportunities

Erasmus+ Student Exchange

Students enrolled at ASU have the opportunity to benefit from Erasmus+ programme to travel for a One-Semester Exchange at University of Stuttgart during their third semester. Students will be offered travel allowance and monthly stipend for a period up to 6 months. 

EPOS Scholarship for IUSD Double MSc Degree

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a a limited number of scholarships for applicants wide range of countries (see DAC-List)  to obtain a Double degree at the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University (with the first year taught in Stuttgart and the second year taught in Cairo).

These scholarships are available through the EPOS Funding scheme  “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses”.  Only applicants who fulfill the formal requirements of the EPOS program and who apply at  both University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University  can apply for this scholarship for double degree. The scholarships cover the entire duration of the course (including travel costs to both countries).

Deadline for applying for the EPOS-funded IUSD Double Degree program 2018 is 15th February 2018. For more information click here. 

External Funding Opportunities

There are various individual scholarship possibilities available through Egyptian and international institutions as well as institutions in the home countries of applicants. We encourage prospective candidates to check available sources online. Recommended sites from our IUSD Alumni network include:

DAAD Scholarship Database

International Scholarships

International Education Financial Aid

Scholarship Positions

Study Portal supported by the European Commission

Al Alfi Foundation

Misr El Kheir

Citadel Capital Foundation

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