The International workshop on Cultural heritage and Livelihood of Bedouins of South Sinai

In collaboration with the Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Lincoln, UK; IUSD Lab organised an International workshop on cultural heritage and livelihood of Bedouins of South Sinai under the theme of “Investigating sustainability approaches of local resilient community development in Nuweiba, South Sinai” between 21-28th of October 2017. The workshop was funded by the Newton-Mosharafa researchers links fund. For a week, 40 participants from both Egypt and the UK were engaged in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the local community of Nuweiba towards developing a framework for community resilience. Throughout the workshop, participants conducted field visits and community focus groups to investigate potentials of the community resilience and share ideas for social, cultural and environmental sustainability practice and policies. During the workshop, IUSD intake VI also had the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the workshop participants.

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